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Our business is medical grade cannabis
We are a group of Israeli companies (David and Goliath) that aim to grow, produce, and distribute medical grade cannabis and cannabis-based products both to the Israeli market and worldwide.

David and Goliath is currently in the planning and development stages of the cannabis-breeding farm located at in Shafir Regional Council in Israel. We are also in the planning and construction stages of a state-of-the-art medical cannabis facility, which will produce cannabis products from the plant’s inflorescence cultivated from the Beit Shafir breeding farm, as well as our partners breeding farms.

Through all the processes of breeding and production, our main goal is to ensure medical-grade product quality, compliant with IMC-GAP and IMC-GMP standards (and EU-GMP), as well as to maintain all active ingredients of the cannabis plant.

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Since we want to oversee and control the entire process of growing, producing, and distributing medical-grade cannabis-based products, we carry out the entire cannabis breeding at our farm.

At the breeding farm, we implement a variety of measures and work according to strict protocols in order to grow high-quality strains, especially with identical components, in all growth cycles.


The farm is located on company-owned land in the Shafir Regional Council area in southern Israel.

The farm strictly follows the IMC-GAP standards for growing medical-grade cannabis as set forth by Israel’s Ministry of Health, including a drying facility that complies with both Israel’s IMC-GAP standard and Europe’s EU-GMP standard.

The farm is part of the supply chain of growth, processing, and distribution and is fully controlled by David and Goliath. All processes are undertaken in order to deliver a product that is grown, processed, and shipped while adhering to rigorous standards and documentation at each stage.


In the industrial area of the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council (only a few kilometers from our farm) in southern Israel, we’ve established a state-of-the-art facility in strict compliance with the Israeli IMC-GMP standard and the EU-GMP European standard.

We extract cannabis inflorescence for medical use utilizing innovative technology, which enables the production of advanced cannabis products composed of precise amounts of active ingredients.

All processes and machinery in the facility are designed, produced, and operated in order to properly maintain the quantity and quality of the active ingredients in the cannabis plant.


We are committed to ongoing research in order to improve the quality of care and assist the sick through the use of medical-grade cannabis.

David and Goliath partner in cutting-edge research, some already in its advanced stages, in order to improve the quality of medical cannabis treatment, as well as to tailor treatment to each patient according to their needs.

Our state-of-the-art lab was built for research and collaboration with other scientists and researchers. Our goal and vision is to improve the quality of care for a variety of patients through different medical indications, all the while tailored to each patient.

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